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Are you familiar with gingivitis and how it can often manifest itself? Gingivitis is an oral health condition that is primarily known as an early stage of gum disease. Due to the fact that gum disease is a progressive disease in which an infection in the tissues around your teeth is present, it is important to make sure it is treated as soon as possible. There are several things that are signs of gingivitis or that can increase your risk, including the following:

– The frequent occurrence of bad breath, including if it continues to return after treatment, is a known symptom of gingivitis.
– Various visual clues that support any kind of abnormality or irregularity with your gums, particularly bleeding gums while eating, brushing or flossing.
– An increase of plaque buildup because of poor oral hygiene.
– Bad habits that are often hazardous to your health are often hazardous to your oral health as well, including smoking or chewing tobacco, which can lead to an increase in your risk for gingivitis.
– Some changes in your life including a pregnancy, diabetes or genetic predispositions, have been known to produce or increase your risk for gingivitis.
– Some medications you may be taking can increase your risk of dry mouth, and in turn, increase your risk for gingivitis.

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