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Due to the risks associated with mouth jewelry, you may want to find and effective treatment plan to keep your smile safe. Mouth jewelry consists of lip and tongue rings that come in all shapes and sizes to enhance the aesthetics of your mouth but can it oral piercings can cause problems.

It is important to understand that lip or tongue rings can make cleaning your mouth more difficult. When mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings are in place, you can easily miss key areas within your mouth where plaque and food debris can accumulate. This can increase your risk for gum disease and dental erosion. Furthermore, mouth jewelry has been known to cause oral health risks and damage to your smile. If your piercing is not done correctly, you can suffer injuries to your gum tissue, burst blood vessels and nerve damage. Oral jewelry can create choking hazards, and allergic reactions. Infectious diseases and oral inflammation are all potential risk factors for lip and tongue rings. To keep your smile safe, exercise caution with lifestyle choices including mouth jewelry.

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