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Did you know that sugarless gum can be occasionally used as an oral health cleaning substitute? If you are looking for supplementary dental tools that can be used to help keep your mouth fresh and your teeth clean, you may want to consider sugarless chewing gum. Sugarless gum can be used after meals because brushing your teeth can be hazardous to your teeth due to abrasive toothpaste and the temporarily heightened sensitivity of your teeth after eating. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about sugarless gum:

Why is sugarless gum better than sugar-filled chewing gum for your oral health?
– Although regular chewing gum has the same cavity-preventing benefits that sugarless gum can provide, it also contains harmful sugars that can be harmful to your teeth.

Can sugarless gum help stop cavities?
– Studies have been done to show that regular chewing of sugarless gum after meals can help protect tooth enamel from the dangers of tooth decay and cavities.

Are there any other perks for your smile that sugarless gum can provide?
– Sugarless gum has been shown to help prevent and protect your teeth against the dangers of heartburn and the harmful acids that can travel up your esophagus.

How does chewing gum work to enhance your smile?
– Chewing gum is good for your smile because it helps facilitate the production of saliva which can help wash away harmful bacteria and neutralize harmful acids.

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