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If you are in need of replacing a missing tooth, modern advances in technology have allowed a wonderful array of toothlike replacements to exist that can serve you well for decades to come. Listed below are three safe and effective tooth replacements to consider.

Dentures come in two major forms, complete dentures and partial dentures. Although modern society often pictures dentures as complete rows of teeth, which we call complete dentures, they can also be crafted to fill in gaps for a few teeth at a time, as little as a single member if necessary. We call these partial dentures. Another wonderful benefit of dentures is that they can be removed when needed.

Dental implants are designed and crafted to fit each patient’s individual needs. If you have lost or missing teeth, and require a permanent replacement to go in its place, then dental implants should be at the top of your wish list. However, since they are attached directly to your jawbone, they cannot work for everybody, especially those individuals who have a weakened bone structure in their jaw.

If your smile requires a dental bridge, you must have strong teeth nearby to hold the bridge in place. When a dental bridge is inserted into to gap where a missing tooth was, it is fastened into place by attaching to nearby and neighboring teeth. Dental bridges can even latch on to dental implants if necessary.

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