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If you have lost permanent teeth and now have gaps in your smile, our dentist and team at Taylor Family Dentistry urge you to have these gaps filled as soon as possible. Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor often recommends dental bridges to treat tooth loss and can offer a list of ways dental bridges benefit dental health:

– By filling the empty spaces in your smile, we can counteract the functional and cosmetic drawbacks that often develop as a result of missing teeth.

– When teeth are lost, the gum tissue begins to destabilize and allow the surrounding teeth to shift and fill the empty spaces, leading to a bad bite. Dental bridges stabilize your teeth by filling the empty spaces.

– Dental bridges typically last at least a decade, if not a lifetime, as long as they are properly cared for.

– Dental bridges support the cheeks and the jawbone, preventing sagging in your smile and enhancing your facial structure.

– Tooth loss leaves gaps in your smile that leads to the accumulation of bacteria and food particles and bacteria that raise the risk tooth decay, but dental bridges fill the gaps and block cavity-causing particles.

– If you have lost teeth, you may have noticed that more than a few essential skills have suffered, including your ability to speak, eat, and chew. By placing a dental bridge, we can effectively restore these functions.

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