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If dental erosion is allowed to occur in your mouth, it can lead to serious oral ailments including damage to the inner workings of your teeth. If harmful acids continually erode your tooth enamel away to the point a hole forms in the tooth, a cavity will be present. In order to adequately treat a cavity, a dental filling must be used. One highly effective option for dental fillings is a white filling, also known as a composite dental filling.

In order to protect your smile, it is important to make sure that no dental erosion is allowed to occur within your smile. If erosion occurs to the point that a hole has formed in your tooth enamel, a cavity will be present. Cavities must be treated immediately to ensure that your teeth are not further decayed, and pulp infection does not occur. Through the use of a dental filling, you can accurately and adequately protect decaying teeth.

When selecting a dental filling, look for tooth-colored composites, also known as a composite dental filling. composites are extremely popular because they can be matched to the color of your teeth. Not only are they designed to seamlessly blend in with the color of your teeth, but they’re extremely durable as well. Typically, a composite filling can last up to 10 years before it may begin to wear down.

If you need to replace a composite dental filling, it can be repaired and restored without removing the original filling. Because they are extremely preventative to tooth fracture, they are highly effective and desirable by many patients. Composites are extremely good sealants of the margins to ensure you will not be susceptible to leakage. They are also effective for very small cavities.

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