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A chipped or broken tooth can be treated at our office. Before you visit us, you can try some of these suggestions to relieve discomfort and protect the tooth.

– If possible, you can pick up the missing pieces of the tooth. They are not absolutely necessary, but they may help with restoring the tooth if you bring them to our office. Remember to rinse them off if you find them.
– You can use warm water to rinse out your mouth.
– If you notice any bleeding, you can minimize or stop it by applying some gauze to the injury for a short time.
– Any swelling and discomfort may be soothed by applying a cold compress.
– If it will take some time before you can meet with our dentist, you can apply some dental cement to the tooth. By completely covering the tooth, the cement can safeguard it from infection until Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor can see you.

Our dentist and team at Taylor Family Dentistry are here for you. If you call the Mason, Ohio, area home or just happen to be stopping by, we are happy to serve you however you need. We are just one call away, so do not hesitate to dial 513.229.7801 if there is any way we can help you.