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Do you enjoy treats? Do you wish some foods were both good for you and your teeth? If so, then this blog is right for you! There are several foods you can eat that are healthy for your teeth and overall body. In fact, many of these foods can help keep your body and smile healthy as we age.

Our dentist, Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor, cares about your oral health needs. In fact, our team at Taylor Family Dentistry in Mason, Ohio, is happy to share some snack or meal ideas to help you with foods that are excellent for your teeth.

Here are some healthy treats to keep your teeth happy:

– Cheese: Cheese is filled with calcium, which can help make your bones and tooth enamel stronger.
– Chicken: Chicken contains protein, which is healthy for your oral health and overall body health and provides healing nutrients for your body.
– Nuts: Nuts have phosphorus in it as well as other minerals that promote positive oral health.
– Apples or pears: These foods are known as nature’s dental floss because of their naturally watery substance and ability to help clean between your teeth. They are healthy because they wash away harmful acids in your smile.
– Sugarless gum: Chomping on sugarless gum is healthy because it harvests saliva which counteracts harmful bacteria in your smile.

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