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While dental crowns are guarding the top of your teeth, who is in charge of defending the crowns? You are! Every year, around 2.3 million Americans decide to have implant-supported oral crowns placed on their teeth, which means many patients are seeking dental practitioners to help protect their pearly whites. We’ve put this list of tips together so you can help protect your dental crowns in the years to come:

– Reach out to our team if you detect any type of pain when biting down onto your crown. We will determine if the crown needs to be fine-tuned.

– You still need to floss and brush your teeth, even if you have dental crowns installed. This will help get rid of plaque buildup and prevent tooth decay.

– Tough foods such as ice or lollipops should be avoided since they can chip or split your dental crowns.

– Watch closely for loose or stinky crowns. These could be an indicator of the crown’s adhesive wearing away.

– Bring your crown to us if it falls out of place; do not try and replace it on your own! Attempting to do this on your own can potentially be a choking hazard and it won’t help your natural tooth.

– If you feel any notable sensitivity that is in reaction to cold or hot foods more than two weeks after your dental crown is installed, contact our office as soon as possible to discuss what treatment option is best for you.

Our dental team and Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor here in Mason, Ohio, are diligent in ensuring your tooth’s dental crown is correctly installed. Commit to following these tips to ensure your dental crown stays healthy and in place. If you would like to schedule a visit or your next check-up with Taylor Family Dentistry, call 513.229.7801 today.