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Has your dentist ever told you to floss more often? You’re not alone. 80% of dental patients admit they don’t floss.

You probably know that flossing is important. The gap between what we know and what we do can often be rather wide. But did you know that if you don’t floss, you might have other more tangible gaps to worry about? The leftover food particles and plaque hiding between your teeth can cause cavities to form. Flossing not only cleans these areas of your teeth to protect them but also contributes to the health and condition of your gums as well. This will help prevent your gums from contracting gingivitis or even gum disease, wherein you might lose teeth. Flossing can even prevent bad breath.

If you are one of the many who struggles to floss daily, here are some ideas:
-Use floss picks and floss holders. They’re easier and quicker to handle than regular dental floss
-If you are forgetting to floss, place a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, flossers in your car, wallet or purse, or reminders on your phone.

Flossing is investing in healthy teeth for years to come. To get advice about flossing or schedule a dental cleaning in Mason, and Ohio with your dentist, Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor, call Taylor Family Dentistry at 513.229.7801 today!