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Are you prepared for any tooth hazards that can come your way this year? Did you have a tooth hazard prevention plan in place last year? Have you ever suffered an or accident or injury? All of these questions are extremely important and should be answered to ensure you have the best possible oral health care for both now and in the future. The more you do to minimize potential risks, and the more prepared you are should any damage arise, the better your smile will be.

Keep your smile safe; it is important to understand the risks associated with tongue piercings. Not only can tongue piercings easily damage your smile by bursting large blood vessels, but they can lacerate your gums, chip and crack your teeth, give rise to infections, and even cause choking to occur. Thus, avoid tongue piercings and all other forms of mouth jewelry whenever possible.

In order to keep your smile safe, it is important to implement effective oral health care appliances. Ideally, you should try using an oral appliance such as a mouth guard to help protect your teeth against the dangers of oral accidents and injuries. A mouth guard can guard against blunt trauma and lower your risk for dental damage via chipping and cracking of your teeth.

If you wish to enhance your oral health care, employ effective risk aversion treatments to keep your smile safe. This includes avoiding products that can easily chip and crack your teeth such as ice. Although you may have been able to chew on ice as a younger child, it is important to remember that your teeth may have weakened over time, and are not as strong as they used to be. In addition, a single oral accident or injury due to biting into a hard product can knock your teeth out or cause severe chips and cracks.

If you wish to dramatically improve your oral health through the use of tooth hazard treatments, come visit us. The time is now to enhance your smile with tooth hazard treatments from Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor and our team at our dentist office in Mason, Ohio. Taylor Family Dentistry wants your smile to shine with tooth hazard treatments, so call us at 513.229.7801 to book an appointment.