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If you look in the mirror in the morning, and you see some spaces in your smile left by missing teeth, why not talk with your dentist about replacing those teeth? Dental implants are a very popular form of tooth replacement. Very briefly, it involves placing a titanium post into your jaw, and then placing a replacement tooth on that post.

Dental implants will work well for many people, but there are some things to discuss with your dentist before you decide to move ahead with the procedure. First, you should be in good health, overall. It’s very important to discuss your general health with your dentist, since it is very closely connected to your oral health. Your gums need to be in good shape, and you should have enough bone in your jaw to provide a an anchor for the implants.

Implants may not be for you if you are too young and your jaws have not stopped growing; you are pregnant; have certain chronic diseases including immune issues; or if you are taking medications like steroids or immunosuppressants. If you habitually clench or grind your teeth at night, that might exclude you as well. Finally, if you use tobacco and do not want to quit, and if you are not committed to a good oral health routine, your dentist may not recommend implants.

Keep in mind that while implants are very popular, they are not the only way to restore your smile. If they aren’t for you for one reason or another, there are still options available to you. Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor at Taylor Family Dentistry in Mason, Ohio can give you an examination and work with you to find out what will work best to fill the gaps in your smile. Call us today at 513.229.7801, so we can start the discussion!