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If you were to look at the surface of your tooth enamel through a powerful microscope, you would see microscopic mineral crystals with pores and textures. These areas can sometimes trap staining particles from dark foods and beverages. If they’re not removed on a daily basis, these stains can set deeper and deeper into your teeth.

To improve these stains, your dentist, Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor, can perform a professional whitening treatment to safely and effectively whiten your teeth. These results will only be temporary if you do not address the primary cause of the stains and alter your choices in some way.

Certain foods like chocolate, tomato sauce, and dark berries have compounds that can also stain tooth enamel. Cutting back on these foods will certainly help prevent discoloration. Incorporating whitening toothpaste to your oral hygiene routine to reduce staining issues between your regular dental cleanings can also help.

Dark beverages, like coffee, tea, green tea, and soft drinks, often have a strong concentration of stain-causing particles. You could still enjoy them in moderation, but you might want to try drinking them through a straw.

If your staining issues are related to regular tobacco use, you should strongly consider talking to your physician about a cessation program. Beyond the obvious health benefits, the tar and chemicals tobacco products introduce to your mouth can very easily cause deep stains on your teeth.

If you need help understanding and addressing the cause of stains on your teeth, please call Taylor Family Dentistry at 513.229.7801 and speak with our team in Mason, Ohio. Using high-tech equipment and quality materials, Dr. Jennifer E. Taylor can remove enamel stains and lighten your teeth several shades.